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Contributing to the translation of the Lutece platform

The Lutece core project and all plugins and modules are currently available in 2 languages: French and English. For better distribution and adoption, a translation campaign is currently running to make the platform displayed in Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, German, Arabian, Portuguese and Italian.

To do so, we use the Crowdin online translation platform. This allows direct contribution to project source codes, greatly facilitating the work of translators who can then focus solely on their expertise, without worrying about the technical side of things.

Want to get involved but don't know where to start? Follow the guide...

Create a translator account

Creating an account is simple and free, and can be done directly on : crowdin.com. localizationCrowdin

Contribute to the translation of Lutece projects


Note that for the translation hackathon in the week of October 16, 2023, a special focus will be placed on the lutece-core project, which needs to be translated first. To reduce the effort required of contributors (around 1,700 strings), the City of Paris has outsourced this to Artificial Intelligence as part of an experiment, and contributors are called upon to evaluate its performance by validating / adjusting the proposed translations.

Once your registration has been validated, send us your crowdin login to benefit from validation rights. The validation part continues here .

Discover the projects

Find the Lutece-related Crowdin projects you'd like to contribute to by clicking on the following link: https://crowdin.com/profile/lutece-coreteam. This page lists all the plugins and modules to which you can currently contribute. Simply select the one you'd like to translate to get started. You can join projects by clicking on "Join". Note that each time you contribute to a new project, you'll automatically join it.

Crowdin Lutece projects home


Once you've selected a project, choose your preferred language...

Crowdin project page 1. List of available languages.

2. Button to join the project as a contributor.

...and click on a file name to start translating. Click on "Translate All" to process all files at once.

Crowdin project dashboard 1. List of files containing strings to be translated.

2. Translate All" button: displays all strings in the project for mass processing.

3. Selected language. Click on the list to change it.

4. Progress of translation by file. The first value is the current contribution progress, the second, the validated progress.

It's recommended to click on "Translate All" because some strings may appear more than once, and Crowdin allows you to generalize their translation. So there's no need to translate the same string several times, just apply the change to all identical strings..

Crowdin Lutece translation page 1. List of strings to be translated.

2. Context elements.
3. Translation input field.

4. Translation suggestions based on Crowdin's translator (MT) and its translation memory (TM).

5. Translations made in other languages.

6. Accept and save in one click

The Editor is the main place where project members can suggest translations online. In the left section, you can see a list of strings in the selected file. An active string is highlighted. All the details about the string are shown in the middle and right sections.

Collaborate with other project members, discuss any issues or questions in the Comments section, vote for the best translation variants, and take advantage of the project Glossary and Translation Memory. Use the machine translations as a basis for your own suggestions.

As an alternative to translating online in the Editor, you can download project files for offline translation if the project manager has enabled public downloads. Use the XLIFF file format for offline translation, which is supported by most desktop localization tools.

Move from string to string to translate the files. If you don't know, or aren't sure, don't hesitate to ask for contextual information.

That's all there is to it! We will be informed of your contributions, which will then be validated by our teams, integrated into the source code, and made available in future stable versions of plugins and modules.

Validate the translations

As a validator, you have the opportunity to confirm translators' proposals so that they can be definitively integrated into the projects we make available as open source. To obtain the rights, contact us so that we can exchange ideas beforehand.

You now have an additional option to validate translations (see figure below).

If you disagree, you can modify a string, add a comment, vote for a proposal or simply delete it.

Crowdin Validation Example 1. Translated text to be validated.

2. Save button if translation was challenged.

3. Validation button.

4. String translations in other languages and their progression (validated / not validated)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties or if you wish to contribute in a language not listed!