Nov 26, 2019 7:50:56 PM Thomas Dumont avatar

Code Generation with PluginWizard

PluginWizard is a Lutece plugin to generate the main files of a Lutece plugin.

  • Java classes in the business layer
  • The Java classes of the presentation layer
  • Java classes of XPage
  • The JSP of the administration interface
  • HTML templates
  • Internationalization resource files (i18n)
  • The plugin configuration properties file
  • Spring's context file
  • The plugin definition XML file
  • SQL scripts for creating and initializing the database
  • The pom.xml file to build the project with Maven
  • Documentation files in xDoc format

Access to PluginWizard on the demo site

This plugin is regularly updated to take advantage of the latest developments in the LUTECE framework. It is provided as a development aid and a didactic tool.

The result produced is without any guarantee.