Jun 7, 2021 11:28:00 AM Thomas Dumont avatar

JIRA and bug tracking rules

The ten rules :

Rule # 1 : Any plugin or module must have its own project in JIRA

Rule # 2 : The POM file of the plugin or module must declare the properties jiraProjectName and jiraComponentId (with its own values! No copy-paste)

<!-- pom.xml --> 

Rule # 3 : All cards must be written in English .

Rule n ° 4 : The Fix version / s field is MANDATORY as soon as the form is created (otherwise the anomaly does not appear in the roadmap)

Rule # 5 : The Type and Priority fields must be selected with great care and rigor. For example, it is important to see in the changelog that a critical or blocking bug has been fixed in a given version.

Rule # 6 : It is highly recommended that you enter the Affects Version / s and Description fields. A screenshot or stack of error (Stack Trace) are often welcome.

Rule n ° 7 : Every commit must include a JIRA identifier in its message (or several in certain conditions). Exceptions: jalopy: format, or modification of pom.xml with no functional impact.

Rule # 8 : JIRA credentials placed in commits must match the same project as the commited sources (for the changes to appear in the project changelog)

Rule # 9 : Release releases in JIRA must always be synchronized with Maven Repository

Rule # 10 : Anything not in JIRA does not exist! Any anomaly not listed or incorrectly entered in JIRA is not expected to be taken into account.