Nov 4, 2021 3:54:21 PM Thomas Dumont avatar

Create plugins in Kotlin


The language Kotlin JetBrains being interoperable with Java can rely on a particular JVM, it is quite possible to develop Lutece plugins with this language.

For that, some modifications are necessary at the level of the file pom.xml of Maven. You must be able to specify the new dependencies, the new source directories, and the new Kotlin compiler to use.

All these changes are included in a Kotlin-specific kotlin-global-pom file, derived from the global-pom Java.

To develop a plugin in Kotlin, just modify the declaration of the parent pom as follows :


All lutece builds remain unchanged. The lutece:exploded goal works the same as for a Java plugin.

The current version of Kotlin supported is 1.2.

The code generator Plugin Wizard now offers a generation of plugins written with this language.