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Restrict editing of documents to some BO managers

Several Lutèce plugins allow the creation of editable web pages (plugin document, html plugin ...). In some cases, it is desired to allow the editing of these web pages only to certain managers of the site. To do so, Lutèce implements the notion of authorization node , and uses the RBAC controls.

Creating an authorization node on a given document

An authorization node on a page allows you to set permissions on this page as well as on all of its daughter pages . Go to "Site / Site Administration", then go to the page on which it is desired to define a node. Set "Authorization Node" to "Yes".

meta-data menu

Create a role for managers who will be able to edit the pages that inherit from this node

In "Managers / Role Management", create a role.

  • Add a control over "(core) Site Pages". Select the page that defines a node from the list of proposed pages. Then check the permission to view and edit the pages.

addition control

  • Add a control on "(core) Topics". Select all the resources, then select the permissions to manage a topic and create one.

Assign this role to your managers

In "Managers / User Management", assign the created role to the desired managers, using the "Roles" action.

addition role