Dec 9, 2019 11:57:55 PM Thomas Dumont avatar

Create HTML content with Blog Plugin


The Blog plugin (formerly HtmlDocs) is a plugin for adding portlets of HTML content in the pages of a Lutece site. It also allows to organize these HTML contents in order to display them in list on the wanted page.

Inclusion of the plugin

Add the following dependency in the pom.xml of the site :



After activating the plugin in the plugins management page, we can go to the administration of the site.
We can then add a portlet thanks to " add a portlet " and choose PortletBlog.

Add a portlet

You arrive on the page to create a portlet. Name your portlet, then it is possible to "Create a new Blog" or "Use an existing Blog".

In the first case, you will need to edit the contents of this portlet and optionally leave a comment.


In the second, you only need to select a portlet from the list.


Once done, you can create a portlet list by clicking on "Portlet Blog List".
Give your list a name and drag the items on the right into the black box and place them in the order you want.


To delete an item just click on the little cross at the top right of the item.