OSOR stands for The Open Source Observatory, a place where the open source software community can come together to publish news, find out about events, find relevant open source software solutions and read about the use of free and open source in public administrations across and beyond Europe.

It "aims to become a trustworthy observatory that provides FOSS expertise and information as well as serves as middle-ground to connect European Public Administrations with other relevant stakeholders. To reach this objective, OSOR will support a dynamic community and further promote the use of Free and Open Source software." (source joinup website)

Lutece as a case study on Sustainability of Public Sector Open Source Communities


Following FOSDEM and thanks to our dear friends Danese Cooper and Jacob Green lighting talks, as well as our recent collaborations (with the Johns Hopkins University and more to come), part of the Lutece team was interviewed to share our experience on what we have seen to be triggers, and what our advices would be for a public sector open source community to sustain.

Follow this link to read the case study on OSOR.

It is a great honor for us, and we would like to thank to European Commission for believing in our project.