New contributors from the Johns Hopkins University


The Johns Hopkins University is one of the largest private universities in the US. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, it has recently started its own Open Source Program Office, being the first university in the US to run one. Led by Sayeed Choudhury, who is a CTO at JHU, they have created a center of work around ideas for the city of Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the St Francis Neighborhood Center is a local community center also based in Baltimore, Maryland. It has picked up the slack for the children of Baltimore, to help them get support. Since there are no good after school programs run by the city, it has to go through community centers such as the SFNC. So they bring computer classes after school for the kids, yoga classes, parenting information, among all the other activities that we expect a local community would need. They've recently over taken an Open Source software project : Lutece! How?

Through the JHU Open Source Program Office, JHU researched have started collaborating with the community center, building a website based on Lutece and delivering already existing features from shelf, as well as adding new ones, based on SFNC's needs.

So they have started putting their hands in the code, also preparing some work for their students to work on. Great enhancements were made regarding the hosting of a Lutece website in a container, and a new plugin called enrolment has been submitted. With the recent release of Lutece 7, this plugin will soon be available and Lutece 7 compliant.

The Lutece community is proud and thankful for these new contributors' help on taking Lutece to a new scope of application!