Because it may be difficult to get started, we have worked on reducing the technical step to allow you to fully understand the code of Lutece and its plugins. Thanks to our demo site, you will be able to have a first glimpse of Lutece's offer, and you can also follow our MOOC thanks to which, in record time, you will be able to deploy a tailor-made site which integrates the modules necessary to meet your needs.
The service catalogue does not yet contain the killer feature you need? Let us know, or you're welcome to implement it, we'll be thrilled to review it and share it!

Demo Site

Get a glimpse of the back office and some of the features offered by Lutece on the demo site, which always embeds the latest up-to-date, nightly-built plugins.

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Docker Images

Want to run a specific feature of Lutece locally to carry it around? Browse among the available docker images and learn how to launch them.

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A 20-Chapter long massive open online course, divided into 7 sections to deep dive into more technical. Learn how to integrate a new website with already existing plugins, use the plugin wizard to make your own, and become a Lutece guru in 2 days!

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Source code

Download the Lutece Core source as well as plugins and modules code, to evaluate its quality, modify it or build it. Remember you got it freely, so committing back upstream will always be appreciated.

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