Lutece Translation Hackathon

The City of Paris invites you to participate in the first ever Lutece Translation Hackathon, lasting one week – commencing the 16th of October. This event is part of the BlueHats movement, which aims to mobilize civil servants and citizens worldwide in support of Free Software adoption within public services.

Since Lutece offers so many capabilities, we will first focus on the Lutece Core and will look to use AI to further enhance your contribution and support future development.

By participating in this inaugural hack and being the first contributors in your country, you will be recognized as Founding Translators.

Contribute to one of the largest public open-source platforms in Europe by adding your language to the project. Already available in French and English, we will focus on translating it into Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, and more!

"Parlez-vous français?" No? No problem

The more cities that use Lutece, the more others will discover this powerful resource and further help expand its use. By working together, we are more efficient, more creative and more effective.


The hackathon itself will be a one-week virtual event, where you can set your own hours and contribution levels. The kick-off will be on Monday October 16th at 10am CET where a virtual multi-city session will help you understand the work to be validated and individual permissions will be given to contributors. The link to the online event will be sent once you are registered.

During this week, we will hold office hours to help you connect with the Lutece development and project management teams, to help clarify any questions that may arise and ensure accurate translations.

The outcomes of the Hackathon will be presented and reviewed at an in-person forum with the European Commission, in November. Founding Translators will be invited to participate in this event, which will include a discussion about the use of AI in language and code translation. The most effective hackathon contributors will be awarded Lutece / CiteLibre / Paris2024 commendations at the event and recognized online.

Join us!

Help us spread word on the Lutece Translation Hackathon to your colleagues and through your networks. Please feel free to forward this email so that as many people as possible have the chance to donate a bit of their time for public good.

Please register for the hackathon by sending us a message here:
Documentation for contributing your translations online can be found here: