Lutece as a case study during Open Source City Forum 2019 held in Paris

The City of Paris, in collaboration with OW2 and, held its first Open Source City Forum, a two-day workshop session and talks with some of the world greatest Open Source experts and cities representatives who kindly offered their contribution.

No less than 50 experts in Open Source and cities representatives brought their expertise to this symposium on the future of open source software collaboration between cities. Amongst them, the Diva of Open Source, aka Danese Cooper, Guy Martin, Zak Greant, Sarah Novotny, OS software foundations OW2, Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin, Eclipse Foundation's Mike Milinkovich, VLC's Jean Baptiste Kempf and representatives from Red Hat, FiWare Foundation...
as well as municipalities and governments representatives from Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, DINUM (IT department of the French Government), but also the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Barcelona. Free software associations representatives from Adullact, April, Equity Matters, Open Tech Strategies also gave their support.


Danese Cooper / Copyright Bloomberg Philanthropies
MOSSlabs' Jacob Green / Copyright Bloomberg Philanthropies
MOSSlabs' Jacob Green / Copyright Bloomberg Philanthropies


We had the great honor to also welcome our friends from the Bloomberg Associates who gave an speech on their work and contribution to ours, and US universities that we had the chance to meet during HopHacks Fall 2018 in Baltimore Johns Hopkins University and Maryland Institute College of Art. This event intended to discuss how city governments can successfully sustain collaborative development, pilots, and deploy citizen-facing municipal open source services at global scale.   
The City of Paris showcased its award-winning open-source platform Lutece, which powers over 200+ production city services for over 2.7M citizens. Community is at the heart of "doing" Open Source, and we welcomed everyone's active and engaged participation.


Bloomberg Philanthropies presentation / Copyright Bloomberg Philanthropies
Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin / Copyright Lutece Team
Working group / Copyright Lutece Team


Great and positive discussions came out from these 2 full and busy days which was the opportunity for City of Paris' first Deputy Mayor Emmnauel Grégoire to write a tribune to Open Source in Municipalities (click here to download it), co-signed by Jean-Christophe Becquet, April president, François Elie, Adullact president, Jacob Green, founder of, Jean-Baptiste Kempf and Cédric Thomas which was then published in