Lutece awarded by the European Commission

The community on Sharing and Reuse of IT Solutions aims at supporting and enabling public administrations to share and reuse IT solutions in order to provide electronic services to citizens.

This community is for exchanging information, experiences and best practices around the sharing and reuse of IT solutions in the public sector.

  • Learn of best practices around sharing common services, or reusing open source software.
  • Find the right tools to assist you in sharing your solutions, or avoiding reinventing the wheel.
  • Read about good practices of business and governance models around common development or shared provision of IT solutions.
  • Use the sharing and reuse community to publish your experince in this area and help other administrations better share and re-use.

68 solutions have been submitted for the contest by public administrations from 20 countries. All eligible entries were assessed by the Evaluation Committee which selected 31 solutions for the final round. The Jury shortlisted the 16 best solutions (four per category), amongs them : Lutece. The full results are available here.

In the "Open source software with the biggest impact on businesses and Citizens" category, Lutece was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence.

Cristian Cucu, CIO in Romania / Copyright Lutece Team
Lutece being presented / Copyright Lutece Team
The awarded projects / Copyright European Commission
Lutece's Certificate of Excellence

Find all the details of this day here as well as videos from the keynotes, and panel discussions videos.