Lutece and Covid 19 - When free and open source software is used to ensure disaster recovery

The crisis linked to covid 19 has seen the uses of the services offered by administrations drastically modified and behaviours adapted to this unprecedented situation.
While physical welcome services have been greatly reduced in favour of telephone meetings, online applications have also been favoured.
The end of lock-down implies a new organisation, but above all new services, as the City of Paris and Lyon have been able to set up, both for their citizens and for their public service employees.

In Lyon

As first example, the city of Lyon used its online appointment scheduling solution to enable its citizens to book time slots to come and collect the masks donated by the city. The platform enabled the city to give out 500,000 masks, by simply deploying a new instance of Lutece integrating the appointment plugin, without any particular changes, simply configured for this new need.


On the City of Paris side

Restaurants and cafes were not able to re-open at the same time as their peers in the rest of the country. The City therefore allowed them to extend their terrace on the sidewalks, parking spaces, etc.. A new form was made available in two days to them to make their request to the administration on the "guichet pro" platform. In the first 48 hours, the system gathered more than 5,000 requests.

In another concrete example, another field of application, a new service for internal use has also enabled public service employees to request screening at covid 19, directly from the City's intranet.