JIRA Report

LUTECE-211plugin-document - administration pages - document management - DAOUtil errorClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-104plugin-linkpages - portlet creation - nullPointerExceptionClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-1715If plugin-contact is not activated, footer has still a link to page contactsClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1172Spring 3.0.2 to Spring 3.0.3ClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-852plugin-document : A document linked to 2 categories appears twice in the document listClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-786lutece-core : Database connection pool bug. The last modification has removed connection retry. There is a problem when the database connection is interruptedClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-698lutece-core : Problem when use SiteMessageService on mode Standalone.ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-684plugin-document: List document portlet can't be modified if one or more document are assigned.ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-517plugin-document - FO - display a document - AppException (Freemarker)ClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-511plugin-html - sql scripts - bad encoding (UTF-8) and database names have to be deletedClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-510plugin-document - sql scripts - bad encoding (UTF-8) - init_core_document.sqlClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-509plugin-childpages - sql scripts - bad encoding (UTF-8) - init_core_childpage.sqlClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-331lutece-core : SiteMessageService - Front office message displayed when user want to upload a too long file in back officeClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-234plugin-document - Workflow rules management - Rule creation - Notify Users - Error when no mailing list availableClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-106lutece-core - caches management - custom page is still stored in cache when user is deconnectedClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-90lutece-core : manage users - list of users not filtered by the level of rightClosedFixedGDU
LUTECE-1808property values are not properly html escaped on ManageProperties.jspClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-1741Search function doesn't return any resultClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1728In XSL export management, file extension is set as mandatory but it's not checkClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1727In XSL export management there is no label in stop error messageClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1699Add the possibility to specify the port of the SMTP server to use to send mailsClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1674Can not manage profiles to a Back Office user on "manage users" screenClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1657In the Portlet class, the remove method throw an exception. The method should remove the portlet instead.ClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1633Keyword "CHANGE" does not comply with the SQL-92 standard.ClosedFixedRomain PUTEGNAT
LUTECE-1519Add the possibility to associate an image to an extender resource.ClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1515Automatic resource types management for plugin extendClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1511Add a CAPTCHA to login pages. Add an email send to users when their password expiresClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1510Add panels in Lutece Back Office and a global management pageClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1508Evolution of usersClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1506Freemarker data table macrosClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1504Add Xsl export files management in the Lutece coreClosedFixedValerian Broussard
LUTECE-1372jquery 1.5.2 -> 1.6.2ClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1335html5 compliancyClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1302screen css interfer badly when writing multi pagesClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1271be able to filter by ressource type on the portalClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1261AnnotationUtil could lead to huge memory usageClosedFixedVVO
LUTECE-1260AnnotationUtil could lead to huge memory usageClosedFixedVVO
LUTECE-1157sql error in upgrade scriptsClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1155commons-fileupload upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2.1ClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-1118Spring Framework usage enhancementsClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-1104some exception are not loggedClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1038New theme and data samplesClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1036Switching Lutece CSS framework to Blueprint frameworkClosedFixedTLA
LUTECE-1007core: Html code is not XHTML 1.1 Strict validClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-929Create data page containerClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-927Script database adminsqlClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-914lutece-core - BO - Admin features - The admin features of a disabled plugin are still accessibleClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-857plugin-document : an error occured when we try to create a document type with an accent on code attributeClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-855lutece-core : Add a standard way to store a language (locale) selected by the user in the front officeClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-845plugin-htmlpage : add a new plugin : html xpage managementClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-844lutece-core : Add a way to run services at shutdownClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-805plugin-digglike: Add the possibility to indicate that a proposition is inadequateClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-792plugin-adminsql : Restructuration of the adminsql pluginClosedFixedXCO
LUTECE-788lutece-core: Aliased portlets are not automaticaly removed when you delete the master portletClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-787lutece-core : Problem when I create a new user with a long passwordClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-783lutece-core : page-management : add a control on page description (for forbidden characters as &)ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-778lutece-core : Mailing List : add a status on database queue managementClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-770lutece-core - BO - The admin login page should provide a way to reinitialize password by e-mailClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-765lutece-core - freemarker templates - unwanted White-spaces and lines break in result templatesClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-760plugin document - If you give permission only to the plugin-document portlets to a user, he can't view any document list portlet available for publishingClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-758plugin-library - create a new mapping for flash objectsClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-757lutece-core : Add Servlet Filter as a new component for pluginsClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-753plugin-digglike: Add the possibility to choose the fields shown on the digg listClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-749lutece-core : Problem of redirection in SiteMessageServiceClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-741plugin-document - BO & FO - Use Jquery UI DatePicker instead of JsCalendarClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-732plugin-helpdesk - src code - compilation errors on enum _enumColumnsClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-727plugin-document - Sql scripts - core/create_db_document.sql file is duplicated with plugin/create_db_document.sqlClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-724lutece-core : Insert services failed to insert code if this code contains charriot return '\n' or '\r'ClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-721plugin-digglike: BackOffice, when changing order of long text and small text area: when modifying small textarea an error is displayedClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-716plugin-digglike : Expression digg_popularities.diggSubmitTitle is undefined on line 65, column 113 in skin/plugins/digglike/digg_frame.htmlClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-715lutece-core : Add a way to run services at startup (ie : updater)ClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-711lutece-core : documentation: compliance with the rules of naming files, updating the file treeClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-706lutece-core : correct inconsistencies database on the tables core_style, core_style_mode_stylesheet and core_stylesheet; add missing colupmn on core_admin_right initialization scriptsClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-700lutece-core - DAOUtil - NullPointerException when no plugin availableClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-696lutece-core - online documentation : error message on features managementClosedFixedJST
LUTECE-695plugin-document - BO - file attribute - document modification page - It's impossible to delete a fileClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-693lutece-core - Portlets - implement a PortletRemovalListenerServiceClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-692lutece-core - src core - PortletHome.findByType( ) - the portlet status is not retrievedClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-690Lutèce : script antClosedFixedJST
LUTECE-686lutece-core - online documentation : There is no links in the url links to the documentation features ('#')ClosedFixedJST
LUTECE-682lutece-core : Problem with multithreading in ConnectionPool while maxconnections is reachedClosedFixedPLE
LUTECE-675lutece-core: Statistical include freemarker errorClosedFixedILE
LUTECE-663lutece-core : implements "online help" on back office for each featureClosedFixedJST
LUTECE-650plugin-helpdesk - subject management - Create sub-subjectsClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-649plugin-document - src - DocumentDAO - the selectByFilter method should return complete documents (with attributes)ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-647plugin-document - publication - date publishing is never read (table document_published)ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-641lutece-core : pb when the pool is buzy and all the maximum number of connections reachedClosedFixedMBO
LUTECE-629plugin-contact : add contact list managementClosedFixedGKP
LUTECE-626plugin-newsletter - BO - newsletter sending page - email preview not displayed (IE6.0)ClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-604lutece-core - insertService - escape Html chars for text & title fieldsClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-603plugin-links - BO - insertservice & admin feature "links" - error ClassCastException when insert a link (insertService) or when displaying admin featureClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-602plugin-form : the use of proprietary SQL functions to a specify SGBD (even mysql) is prohibitedClosedFixedFME
LUTECE-600lutece-core - source code - paginator - improve paginator service to provide management of big lists (like documents lists) and order by different columnsClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-596lutece-core - daemon thread - thread suspended because of nullPointerExceptionClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-595plugin xpagelinkservice : problem with accentuated character in the link text and the alt textClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-592plugin-document - set document order to 1 when a document is publishedClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-591lutece-core : From the admin menu, the url to the id group name contains a double / and causes an error page with a webapp controled by WSSOClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-590lutece-core - BO - src code - admin_buttons.html - link to a plugin-document portletClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-589plugin-document : When Modifying category the category name is updatable but when you try to modify it it lead to an error stackClosedFixedELY
LUTECE-585plugin-links : The modification of an existing link in " Links > Modify a link " makes nothingClosedFixedELY